“We no longer feel our two children are safe in Canada” – CGR mail

Canadian Gender Report receives some eye-opening mail. This week we heard from a Mom who’s looking for support as her daughter just came out as trans and now wants a change of name and puberty blockers. The 13 year old girl has been socially isolated for months due to Covid and her only two social contacts are a similarly aged male to female transgender friend of the family and an online friend who came out as agender in the past year. 

We also heard from a father of two and asked if we could publish his email to us anonymously.

Here it is:

Hi there, my name is _______ and I am writing to you from Toronto, Canada.

First and foremost I would like to protect my family’s privacy so please do not share this information without my explicit and written authorization.

Second I would like to state that we have no homophobic agenda, no religious motivation and no a priori bias towards or against LGBT people, their lifestyles, values and ideals. Moreover, we have gay friends and gay family members. 

We are currently experiencing a situation with our daughter and we strongly feel that there is something going on that is affecting young girls. We noticed a very sudden and acute change in our daughter at around age 6-7, after what we believe was a bullying period from a group of girls when she was in second and third grade. We noticed a sudden change in behaviour and a rejection of everything that was “too girly”. From my daughter’s account, the group of girls that were bullying her (and other girls) were “very girly and pink”, to the point where my daughter became almost pink-phobic.

We thought this was just a phase, but as time has passed (she’s now ___) we started feeling like she was somehow being influenced by the environment around her to question her sexual identity, and not only her, but her friends too. But I guess with all these crazy times, and the pandemic, we have been distracted by the day to day challenges and this had fallen to the back of our minds. That is, until we witnessed an LGBT presentation via Zoom at her school last week.

This was a 2 hour long session targeted to grades 4-7, and when I started overhearing the presentations, given by parents of transgender children, we were in absolute sock and I became infuriated. I had no idea how bad this situation was and the potential harm that this type of “curriculum” be literally pushed to such young children.

All I can tell you is what I saw, and how that relates to my own prior experience. I have seen, and lived through, indoctrination methods first hand, the destruction of ego of an entire population, and how it makes people vulnerable to recruitment and indoctrination.  We migrated to Canada from _____ in ____ and we saw first hand, how a well orchestrated agenda over a long period of time subjugated the will of millions of people and created the greatest exodus in the contemporary history of the region. I can tell you, without any doubt in my mind, that the presentation I witnessed had all the elements of a well orchestrated agenda and propaganda that seemed hell bent on recruiting vulnerable children to the “cause”. 

I now strongly believe that RAPID-ONSET GENDER DYSPHORIA (ROGD) is VERY REAL, and it’s actually being induced somehow (or for some reason), and young girls are disproportionately affected by it:

Whether this is accidental or conspiracy, I don’t really know, or care, but the phenomenon is real and the dangers are also VERY real.

We believe the situation is so grave, that we no longer feel our two children are safe in Canada and we have actively started to seek another country where our kids can grow up without external forces teaching them to dissociate sex from gender. How did this happen? How is it possible that our kids are no longer safe in what is supposed to be one of the best countries in the world? 

Can you help us understand what is really going on? Are there parenting groups or meets that we can attend with like-minded parents that are actively against this and can help us deal with this grave situation?

Why do I get an authorization request for sex-ed and we did not get an authorization request for the “safe zone” sex/gender presentation? 

Why is this a phenomenon that is affecting wealthy countries like Canada and others? 

What are other parents even thinking? All the ones around us seem like we are in “Brave New World” and they are all on Soma. Maybe they are afraid to speak up. I could even see the uncomfortable/hypocritical smiles and faces of the teachers on Zoom. The presenters also used techniques like “raise your thumbs” if you agree with x or y, like forcing complacency on the teachers and staff. Surreal! 

It’s insane how we are all just accepting this gender affirmation delusion and the indoctrination of such young and vulnerable kids, as normal and even “cool”. Some of the parents around us seem to think it’s cool if their kid is transgender without realizing the grave consequences and risk of suicide later on in life. 

At my daughter’s school right now, just after the presentation, the movie going around amongst her friends is “The Mitchells vs the Machines”. I mean is this a coincidence? Are we the only ones seeing the symbolism, the subliminal and not so subliminal messaging? Maybe we would have continued to be blind, had it not been for the pandemic and that this particular presentation was on Zoom. 

Honestly, this is just insane. I still cannot come to terms with what I saw in that presentation and that they are using my tax dollars to hurt my own children.

Thanks in advance for any help, tips or pointers to help us navigate through this grave situation.

All my best,____. ______

Image source: Theo Moudakis Toronto Star

3 thoughts on ““We no longer feel our two children are safe in Canada” – CGR mail

  1. From a retired high school principal – The following is collection of resources developed over the years dealing with the issue of Gender Ideology activism in the public school system. There is more in my blog but I thought these would be helpful to readers trying to understand this complex issue that has beset our school system and threatens the well-being of our children. If you find this ‘primer’ helpful please share with other concerned parents, community members, school board trustees and officials, as well as your MPP.


  2. Sadly it’s not just Canada. It’s the USA, UK, Australia, most Western countries. It will be very hard to avoid. That’s why parents and like-minded teachers need to band together and start speaking up and out, questioning and pushing back against school boards and politicians for what is happening. Inclusivity is one thing. Anti-bullying is one thing. Indoctrination of our children and teaching them propaganda are quite another.

    1. > Inclusivity is one thing…
      I agree with you. One of the under-discussed harms of hijacking “inclusivity” to mean “trans affirmation” is that it steals the oxygen from the beneficial lessons about inclusivity: How kids can learn to harness a diversity of experiences and temperament to achieve more than they can achieve on their own, or with a group of people too similar to themselves. And by diversity of experience, I don’t mean intersectionalist bollocks about what neo-marxist labels you wear, I mean real stuff like the places you have been, the things you have seen and done and the people who have been there to guide you.

      > Anti-bullying is one thing…
      Right-on. But the trans activists are the worst bullies I have ever encountered! Obviously they are appalling cyber-bullies, but there is also an epidemic of trans bullying in the classroom and playground as well. Trans kids have an asymmetric political power in “safe spaces” created by the education system, where they can taunt and tease non-trans children mercilessly and get away with it because the schools are obliged to treat them as an oppressed minority in need of more safety. The result is often that blame falls on the victim, because principals and teachers are unwilling to listen to both sides of a conflict.

      > Indoctrination of our children and teaching them propaganda are quite another.
      Let’s call it what it is, prolesthising.

      The propaganda is not the worst of it, it is only the wide mouth of the funnelengineered to maximise the social harm. Once the propaganda has softened a young mind, they enter a pipeline of abuses (a.k.a grooming). Subsequent stages of include well-meaning apperachiks quizzing vulnerable and by now thoroughly confused children about suicide and self harm, over and over again, in scheduled sessions until they inevitably start answering “yes, I am self harming” and then “yes, I am having suicidal thoughts”. When this milestone is reached, they affect even more intense concern and ratchet-up the iatrogenic quackery to the point they are frequently “checking in” to make sure the poor child “hasn’t” started developing a detailed plan for how they might commit suicide.

      After being subject to this protocol of abuse for some time, the child will eventually have a bad day and become overwhelmed by anxiety, and IF YOU ARE VERY LUCKY ask for help (as they have been trained to do), and find themselves engaged with some kind of the mental health crisis team. The victim will of course be quizzed about “suicidal ideation”, which is threat-assessed on the basis of concrete plans. The terrified parents are then told “if you don’t fully affirm the gender delusion of this child they will inevitably kill themselves and it will be your fault, you are actually pretty bad parents to have allowed things to get this far already”. This is basically how the sausage is made.

      There is also a learned-helpness mechanism related to teaching children to panic when they experience difficult feelings, driven by a culture that awards status to disability.

      They nearly took my child, we came way too close to catastrophic loss. After I reorienting myself and analysing how this disaster happened I became really angry. I had no idea it was possible to feel this angry, the dark corner of my psyche that evolved from surviving combat was thrashing itself raw and bloody against it’s manacles, screaming desperately for a chance to control my body. Fortunately, this rather large specimen was raised by a competent father in a community of competent men. I have been successfully gendered, commensurate with my biology. Gender traditions, which form the identity of biological sex in the context of society, exist for a reason (and guess what, it’s not solely for the purpose of oppressing women). Masculinity is not toxic but it does have teeth and claws, you need to understand them to be a responsible owner. A healthy masculinity is a complex thing that takes a decade of hard work to learn (if not longer), assuming you have the genetic predisposition and the right cultural support to learn it. Social and medical affirmation can only provide masculine “affectations”, they can not make you a man any more than any other stupid talisman can (like sports cars).

      I have met with other parents that arrived at the post-mental-health-crisis-blackmail stage, and our children were all groomed into the same situation by the same mechanisms. Different schools/individuals but the same resident evil in the education system. My heart breaks for those parents that succumb to this manipulation and progress their children to the endrochonological and surgical violence stages, but I can not entirely forgive them. I am appalled by every tragic case where parents are denied the opportunity to be responsible guardians.

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