New Canadian Schools Guidance

This document was created by a non-partisan, non-religious coalition of Canadian parents, healthcare professionals, and others. The goal is to inform policies that prioritize the present and long-term health and well-being of all people who experience gender distress based on scientific evidence. The recent lawsuits filed against the governments of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have presented the issue of gender identity in schools as a conflict between parents’ rights and the rights of children. In fact, the rights and best interests of children will be best served by replacing the current policies on gender identity in schools with a policy based on well-established principles of child and adolescent development and an evidence-based model of care.

A French version of this document can be downloaded here.

Other Resources for Schools and Parents

Genspect has created excellent Guidance documents for schools and parents. You can find them here:

We also recommend Transgender Trend’s school resource pack – supporting gender diverse and trans-identified students in schools. Downloadable here.

Supporting Detransitioners

This booklet has excellent information and wonderful illustrations to explain the detransition process and why some people end up reconciling with their biological sex.

Useful Links

  • Genspect – a voice for parents of gender-questioning kids
  • PITT Substack – a collection of writings from Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans
  • Detrans Canada – supporting detransitioning, desisting, and re-identifying Canadians
  • Gender Dysphoria Alliance Canada – a new way forward for those with gender dysphoria – by and for trans-people
  • Transgender Trend – UK based organization helping to expose evidence-based research and the impact of gender ideology on youth, schools and women’s rights
  • Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine – a new group of international experts committed to the curation and review of objective research and evidence on treatment options for gender dysphoria
  • Post-Trans – an amazing collection of quick, visual stories from detransitioners
  • Detrans Voices – a US-based group dedicated to providing support and information for people detransitioning and/or desisting from transgender self-identification
  • Detransitioner Advocacy Network – just what it says – European based with a growing reach
  • GNC Centric YouTube Channel – great interviews and insights on detransitioning from Canadian @gnc_centric
  • Pique Resilience Project – a support group for young adults who have detransitioned
  • Parents of ROGD Kids – a support group and blog for parents with a child who has been affected by the new phenomenon of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria
  • Bayswater Support Group – their top 10 tips for parents is a must-read
  • Gender Health Query – a resource and community of LGBT people trying to prevent the over-medicalization of gender non-conforming youth
  • Fair Play For Women – a UK organization fighting for the protection of women’s sports and the rights of women and girls
  • Feminist Current – Canadian Feminist website founded by gender critical activist Meghan Murphy
  • 4th Wave Now – a resource of many excellent blogs written by researchers, physicians and parents concerned about the medicalization of gender non-conforming youth

Useful Points of View from Medical Professionals and Therapists

The Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine is newly formed in 2020 and will be providing an independent point of view on the trend of gender identity medicine around the world.

Dr Debra Soh – particularly this WrongSpeak interview with Dr Susan Bradley, former Chief of Psychiatry at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and founder of the Gender Identity Clinic.

Gender Dysphoria 101 with Dr Susan Bradley

GD Working Group – Pediatric and Adolescent Gender Dysphoria Working Group

Gender Dysphoria Resource for Providers – A collection of latest research compiled by Dr. William Malone, MD and Endocrinologist

Dr Ken Zucker Clinic – former Director of the CAMH Gender Identity Disorder Clinic private practice

Inspired Teen Therapy – US based therapist Sasha Ayad offers insightful tips for working with gender dysphoric youth

Lisa Marchiano – Blog site of US based Jungian psychoanalyst who offers deep insights into the individual complexity involved in helping gender dysphoric youth

Canadian News

“I thought I was Transgender” by Radio-Canada is an important mainstream media report that exposes the debate about transgender healthcare practices and digs into the phenomenon of detransitioners. Use Google Translate to read the article in English.

Canada’s Teen Transgender Treatment Boom by National Post 2020

Canada too quick to treat gender dysphoria in minors with hormones, surgery: critics National Post 2021

Whisteblowers in the US start to speak out (late 2021):

Top Trans Doctors Blow the Whistle on “Sloppy Care” – Abigail Shrier with incoming WPATH president Dr Marci Bowers

The mental health establishment is failing trans kids – published in The Washington Post

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