We are parents and professionals concerned about the medicalization of identity and the erosion of sex-based rights.

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There is an exponential increase in the number of children seeking medical treatment for gender discordance, particularly adolescent girls. There are also legislation and curriculum changes that are having an impact in our schools and communities. Read and share our reports to be better informed on these issues.


  • How trans activists are denigrating gay men (as they do lesbians with the cotton ceiling) when same sex attraction… https://t.co/OWoIJ7Gz62
    about 1 week ago
  • School trustee wants to report this person to the police for sharing "potentially illegal" materials. Doesn't reali… https://t.co/2OXm0dBEF8
    about 1 week ago
  • This will be an important case for #Canada #cancelculture Thank you @carolynburjoski and @JCCFCanada for taking th… https://t.co/mYapxZahJS
    about 2 weeks ago
  • What parents are never told at Canadian gender clinics: "Despite what we were told, her gender dysphoria did resol… https://t.co/7G2ecD4pES
    about 2 weeks ago

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