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We are a group of parents and professionals concerned about the medical transition of children, the introduction of gender identity teaching in our schools and the changing legal landscape that replaces biological sex with the subjective notion of gender self-identity.

We are a non-partisan group that believes more open discussion is needed on these issues. We are not influenced by religious or political affiliations and would rather focus on objective research and evidence on the topic of gender transition for children and young people.

This site is for everyone who is concerned about why the numbers of gender non-conforming children being referred to gender clinics is skyrocketing in high-income countries around the world.

The site is for everyone who questions why adolescents may suddenly identify as a different gender and how the identity politics movement is being promoted to children and youth in our schools and on social media. It is for anyone concerned about the new trend to teach ideology as fact and the emergence of policies and laws that people are fearful of challenging because they may be labelled “transphobic”.

On this site you’ll find information and resources for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals. We welcome input from parents and professionals with different perspectives they’d like to share or analysis they’d like to contribute.

Why Be Concerned? 

Some countries are reporting a several thousand percent increase in the numbers of young people being referred to gender clinics. In Canada, the best data we can find suggests that there is an increase of over 1,000% over the past decade. The trend affecting mostly adolescent girls has no explanation. This phenomenon is new and does not conform with previously studied cohorts of children and adolescents seeking treatment for gender dysphoria.

The UK, Sweden, Finland and Australia have ordered inquiries into why the rates of referral for girls seeking treatment for gender dysphoria is increasing so rapidly. 

The standard of care for gender dysphoria was recently changed from a watchful-waiting approach to what’s known as the gender-affirming approach. Under the previous, more cautious watchful-waiting standard of care, studies showed that up to 85% of children would desist and become comfortable in their natal sex. 

Gender identity affirming care involves supporting the child to socially transition to the opposite sex. Early reports suggest that this approach fast-tracks children on a medical pathway that starts with puberty blockers. Each step is affirmed by adults and professionals and is often celebrated as being brave and courageous. Experts in the field such as Dr Susan Bradley, former Chief of Psychiatry at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital and a founder of the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic caution that this may not afford a young person the space and time necessary to evaluate whether medical transition is the best option.    

Gay and autistic kids are heavily over-represented in the numbers of children seeking gender transition. Detransitioners report that being gay or socially different is a key factor that contributes to their gender dysphoria.

The new gender identity-affirming care model lacks evidence of improved outcomes and is an experimental treatment. 

Parents of adolescent girls seeking medical transitions are reporting that there is a heavy social media influence that leads to their daughters to undergo cross-sex hormone treatment and maestectomies. 

Legislation and policies are being introduced in Canada without any consideration of the numerous social forces at work that are putting children on a medical pathway to irreversible physiological changes including infertility and loss of sexual function as well as negative impacts on bone density, IQ, increased risk of heart disease and life-long medical treatment.  

There is a very influential, well organized and well-funded system of activism supporting transgender rights. While we applaud this group for looking out for the needs of a vulnerable community, we’re increasingly concerned that this activism has led to an unethical level of bias and conflict of interest in establishing a medical standard of care for gender diverse youth. 

Safeguarding of children needs to take priority over political activism.

About Founder Pamela Buffone

Pamela Buffone

I created CGR when people started reaching out to me after my family’s human rights case went public. What I heard from parents and others echoed our experience dealing with our school – yet most people were afraid to speak out using their own name.

I’m a strong believer that activism and wishful thinking are no substitute for evidence and common sense. The activism on this topic has gone way too far and is poisoning our ability to come together as Canadians to understand and discuss critical issues on the sensitive topic of gender and identity.

You can read more about our “Girls are not real and boys are not real” case here. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has granted our case a full hearing. Date TBD.

What can I do to help? 

Share our resources to start conversations and provide an alternative point of view. Please get in touch with us if you’re facing questions you don’t know how to answer or need direction in terms of where to go for help.

Don’t be shy about speaking up with your own concerns. The topic of gender and the current trend to medicalise children because of their gender identity is fraught with emotion. That shouldn’t be reason to silence debate and listen to opposing points of view on an extremely sensitive topic with far-reaching consequences.

How can I support CGR?

We’re not-for-profit and driven by volunteers. We welcome your support in terms of sharing our content with friends and followers, contributing to our research or making new connections. We welcome donations to support the site.

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